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This year for Valentine’s Day, also the day before my birthday, I have a lovely present from my publisher. My book, Learning to Love, comes out in print. Dealing with extreme emotions, it will make you laugh, it will make you cry. To quote one reviewer, “Tissue box at the ready. Goes on my Top reads for 2013!” Thank you, Dizzy Little C’s Book Blog.

IN CELEBRATION OF THE PRINT RELEASE, we’re offering a FREE COPY of RECIPES FOR DISASTER to anyone who downloads a copy of any of my books (psssst, they’re all on offer RIGHT NOW!)



The first person to guess the prize (or thereabouts) gets it, along with that signed copy of Recipes for Disaster: Sexilicious Romantic Comedy combined with Fab, Fun Recipes.

A little reminder of what’s on offer, brought to you by…

Snoops chef final

White soup final

Chilli Peppers final

Chocfull of Zucchinis final

What? You need a clue about that prize? OK, it has a bookish theme, but it’s not a book. Oh, and it’s very pretty.

I’ll be posting an FB event up tomorrow ready for the big day. Be sure to check in and don’t forget to take pics of you purchase.

Keep safe!

Lots of love,