Valentine’s Day saw the release of my book Learning to Love, exploring the fragility of love, life and relationships. To celebrate, we had a fabulous FB bash, which went with a huge bang, thanks to the participation of some lovely friends. The day, however, didn’t start so well, due to my partner sheepishly confessing he’d forgotten what day it was. He then produced a wilty bunch of flowers he’d purchased on the way home. Not so bad, you might say. Not the end of the world, you might point out. True, it wasn’t. Unfortunately, he’d also forgotten it was my birthday and arranged to go to an away-day rugby game, which might have meant it was the end of him.

Remaining poised and calm, as is my wont – not, I decided to put his fate to the vote on the FB event: Should I (a) thank him and graciously for the wilty flowers and assure him it didn’t matter, or (b) dig a hole in the patio and put the flowers to better use?

My friends, it seems, are forgiving souls, who pointed out his honesty was admirable and persuaded me that digging holes in patios was a bit extreme, particularly as it was raining outside. To his credit, not minding at all that he was ‘outed’, my partner returned with a smile on his face, an abundant and beautiful bouquet…


…and a pressie (I’m not revealing what). I was also wined and dined the next day, because I am worth it, obviously. Moral of the story: Sometimes you need a little help from your friends.

Oh, and I’ve had fresh flowers ever since. I think we worried him, guys!


THANK YOU! You know who you are. I could NOT do this without you!

Keep safe everyone!

Lots of love,