Sharing!! Coming 30 April! My sixth book published by Safkhet Publishing, The Edge of Sanity, tells the story of a psychological battle between everyman Daniel Conner, who is forced into becoming a hero, after being tortured and forcibly drugged, and drug addict Charlie Roberts, who has taken Daniel’s wife and daughter hostage.

This is definitely something a little bit different for me, but, no, I haven’t changed genres. The great thing about completing my Masters Degree recently (and possibly the main reason I undertook the course, only to find myself sometimes teetering under the weight of my many humungous balls – please excuse expression) is that it’s given me confidence to stretch myself, to try my hand at different forms of writing, including stage-play, screenwriting, non-fiction, etc. With this latest release, I’m still, as ever, exploring the fragility of love, life and relationships, looking at family dynamics and the tenuous bonds that hold people together. I love to write poignant romantic fiction, usually having a strong, but flawed, male lead. I think The Edge of Sanity, though most definitely more edgy, does fall into that category. So, without further ado, here’s a sneak peek.

The Edge of Sanity

EOS Cover

How far would YOU go to protect your family?


Here’s the blurb, if you fancy a read.


A decent, ordinary man, a man who has already suffered the loss of one child, Daniel Conner is forced by extraordinary circumstances into being a hero. Tortured, forcibly drugged—heroin still pulsating nauseatingly through his veins—his wife and daughter degraded, Daniel knows their kidnapper is beyond reasoning with.

But does being pushed one step beyond endurance justify doing the unthinkable?

woods & gun 2High on drugs, indebted to his supplier, and desperate, Charlie Roberts takes Daniel’s wife and daughter hostage. Daniel does everything within his power to rescue the situation bloodlessly. Eventually though, Daniel realises that with or without violent mood swings induced by amphetamines and cocaine, Charlie Roberts is a psychopath. He wants more than Daniel’s money.

He wants him.Daniel &  gun

The Edge of Sanity: a harrowing story of hope amid loss and betrayal.


Would you believe it already has a Reader Review? I can’t resist sharing a little snippet while I’m here: Well, well well!! I have finished the manuscript and can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. It held my interest all the way through. Where an earth did you learn about all about drug use!!! – very graphic. Overall verdict, marvellous achievement – well done!

Thank you, Ally Stokes! Love it!


I’m humbled and hugely appreciative (just in case I forgot to mention it once or twice!)

That’s pretty much it, my news for now. I’m busy catching up, again! We’ve had good news on the health-front in regard to my partner (or should I say fiancé? We’re supposed be doing the dreaded deed somewhere along the line). So, overall, things are good. I hope all is well in your world.

Keeps safe!

Lots of love,