I haven’t been here for a while (Oh, no, she’s back! I hear a collective groan). I had a recent book launch, you might have gathered from my rather exuberant whooping and twittering. Taking a slight detour from my usual humorous, yet poignant (I hope!) stories, this time it was a thriller. As mentioned in one or two features, I haven’t changed genre, I’m more exploring – as ever, the fragility of love, life and relationships. My books will always tend to turn around the family unit, looking at family dynamics and the tenuous bonds that hold people together, usually having a strong, but flawed, male lead. I think The Edge of Sanity, having at its heart a family torn apart, does fall into that category.

To say I was apprehensive about its reception is an understatement. I was sick with nerves. Really. When I finally plucked up courage to peel one eye open to read the reviews … I was gobsmacked. And this is a first for me, believe me. I’m sharing a few snippets below, and I hope you will indulge me. This is my way of saying thank you. I often say we couldn’t do it without you – readers and reviewers. The fact is we couldn’t. Yes, we want to get good reviews. Yes, we hope they will ‘up’ our profile. The precious gift that reviews give us, though, is the confidence to keep writing. Snoops (my little muse) and I really cannot thank you enough.

Snoops chef

The reception so far:

This was an incredible book! The Edge of Sanity was amazing! Heart-wrenching, captivating, dramatic and all-out simply the best thriller I’ve read in… as long as I remember. Brilliant! – Reviewed The Book

An immensely brilliant read that I struggled to put down! – Kim the Bookworm

Hits you straight between the ribs. This book is all consuming, it will eat you and throw you back out but you won’t be able to put it down until you find out whether a family at rock bottom can survive – Crooks on Books

The Edge of Sanity lives up to its psychological thriller tag. Un-put-downable book! Brilliantly additive reading – Room for Reading.

It is a remarkable dark read by a completely new author for me. The story was well paced, emotionally charged and exciting. I was impressed with the way the author maintained the suspense throughout and with her characterisation of the family members – Northerncrime Recommended read!!

Gritty, emotional … Really cleverly done! – Laura’s Little Book Blog

THANK YOU! You’ve made one little author very happy!

Keep safe.

Lots of love,