Susie Orman Schnall, author of On Grace started the 40th Birthday Swag Bag Blog Hop.  I was tagged by fabulous Nicky Wells to come along! You can read Susan’s original post, check out Nicky’s selection and then dive right in here…

The 40th Birthday Party Virtual Swag Bag!

Suppose you went on a girlie weekend away on the occasion of your best friend’s 40th birthday party on a small but sunny desert island in the  middle of the ocean somewhere. What would you put in the Swag Bag? Here are my can’t-leave-home without essentials:

A book! Oh, now I am totally torn. Can I bring my Kindle? No. Oh. *sigh* OK, so I’m going to pack a recent purchase I’ve itching to read: Sue Fortin’s Closing In – because I love Sue’s writing and this, from the blurb, has me hooked: Strange incidents begin to plague her new family, and their house of calm is about to become one of suspicion and fear. Who can be trusted? Who is the target? Who is closing in?


Beauty products: Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Tinted Moisturiser SPF15. A microlight mineral tinted moisturiser infused with vitamins and antioxidants – because, though I’d like to go naked (facially), I think barely there will stop me frightening the fish.

Tinted  Moisture

Snack food: Give me Pringles with a sour cream dip and I’m in Heaven.


Music album: Cold Play Ghost Stories. It’s Fab! And I adore them.

Cold Play

Anything else? My recently purchased sparkly holiday shoes! I’ll be partying in stylish comfort. Pssst. They’re M&S!


Next on the hop: Next week will be posting … the uber-talented Georgina Troy! Georgina is the author of the fabulous Jersey Romance Series.

A Jersey Kiss – out now in e-book/paperback

A Jersey Affair – out now in ebook/paperback

A Jersey Dreamboat – due out Winter 2014/15

A Jersey Bombshell – due out Summer 2015

Breaking news: Georgina’s books are now available in Waterstones. Read all about it here.