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Your search is over! Welcome to the blog where selfless authors will be brightening your Tuesdays by sharing their male protagonists, along with their heroic qualities for you to ogle … erm, admire!

First of all, we’re listing five facts so you can get a feel for him (I did say for him). Next is a brief excerpt showing our hero in action. Lastly, the pic! Does your hero want to come out to play? Send him on over!

Welcome Courtney Giardina! Courtney is kindly sending over Wesley Kade, the jaw-dropping hero from her soon to be released novel Holding on to Georgia!


  • Wesley Kade is a former minor league baseball player with the body to prove it
  • Be careful if you look at him directly, you’ll get lost in the sea of his brown eyes
  • He’s your man should you ever fall into a ditch, hurt yourself and need someone to carry you home
  • Whether it’s running, throwing a baseball or hiking, the outdoors is where he feels most at home
  • If you’re looking for someone to show you other ways to use an elevator, he should be your first phone call

A brief EXCERPT showing our hero in action:

Kade gently took Rylan’s hands in hers and inspected them. He rubbed his fingers along the sides of her arms, sure not to touch the areas that at that point were red and slightly swollen.

“We need to get these cleaned out and wrapped,” he said.

“We?” Rylan asked.

“Yes, we, argue all you want, but I’m not going anywhere right now, but upstairs to take care of this,” he said.

Allie placed her finger over Rylan’s mouth as she started to object, grabbed her waist with her other hand and led her upstairs.

THE TRAILER! Take a peek!

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Rylan Bradley was just fine living the single life of a thirty something. Love was the last thing on her mind–until she crosses paths with Wesley Kade. He is handsome, charming and always there when she needs someone the most. But there’s a story behind those brown eyes that he’s not ready to tell. As Rylan and Kade struggle to untangle their feelings for each other, the reality of their pasts will once again resurface and threaten to take it all away. A Take Two Publishing Novel.

And finally THE PIC!


Ohhh, he’ll do quite nicely!

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Courtney lives by the motto why put off for tomorrow what you can do today. Even though she’s been spending countless hours preparing for the launch of her second novel she still finds time to do other things she’s passionate about as well. She is also a regular blog contributor over at I AM THAT GIRL, a professional dancer for the Charlotte Hounds and a middle school cheerleading coach. Tied with writing novels as her first love is country music. She currently runs a bi-weekly series on her Girl Behind the Covers blog that includes song reviews and artist interviews. She’s sincerely appreciative of all of those who support her writing and is getting ready to hit the keyboard again to begin novel #3!

Thank you so much for sharing, Courtney. Wesley can show me other ways to use an elevator anytime!

Keep safe everyone!

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