Police, Crime & 999Police, Crime & 999 by John Donoghue

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Police, Crime & 999 I’d heard of John Donoghue before I read him. A publishing agent recommended I have a listen to his anecdotes on Radio Four. That was a while ago and I never got around to it. Recently, noting a few comments on Twitter, I ambled over to Amazon and had a ‘peek inside’ Police, Crime & 999. I knew I’d missed out and immediately purchased the book. John Donoghue has a unique, wry sense of humour that cuts right to the funny bone. I could not wait to pick this book back up when I reluctantly had to put it down for a while, and every time I did, I was literally hooting out loud – I’m talking three of four times in five minutes. Trying to read some snippets to my son, I couldn’t get the words out for laughing. The author has a way of delivering one-liners that catch you unawares and are completely hilarious. It’s an honest look at life on the front line, the first year in service as a police constable. It makes you realise that a sense of humour is a requisite part of the job and probably keeps you sane. It’s Donoghue’s recounting of events and razor sharp wit, though, that enriches the telling. There are some poignant moments – I was getting all teary at one point around sudden death – and then, wham, along came John with a line that had me in hysterics. This book is an eye-opener. The characters (police and criminals) are so real they could step off the page. It makes you realise why our ‘boys-in-blue’ might get a bit jaded on occasion. It also makes you realise they care about what they do (they must do!). It delivers, seamlessly and subtly, facts around crime and fatalities (the road traffic accidents chapter is a reminder to belt up – in every sense of the word). I would quote a few lines but that would be a massive spoiler. What I will say is if, like me, life has thrown a few too many balls at you lately and you are feeling a bit jaded, buy this book, read it. I guarantee it will provide belly laughs that will drag you out of the dumps. Thanks, John. This was just what I needed. I look forward to my next two purchases, Police, Lies and Alibis and Shakespeare My Butt, with keen anticipation.

Enjoy all!

Keep safe!

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