It’s almost here!

Easter Greeting Card

Just in time for Easter, The Rest of My Life will be on the shelves at WH Smith Travel! How fabulous is that? The official print release date is April 7 (you can pre-order here). Thanks to the lovely people at Choc Lit and wonderful WH Smith Travel Book Buyer, Matthew Bates, though, you can grab your copy now. After the odd bazillion years writing, this author is one happy little bunny. I won’t even need chocolate to make my Easter complete. Well, perhaps just a little bit.

If you happen to spot it on your travels, I would love you to post a pic to Twitter or Facebook. It might take me a while to get around all the stores – and then I’ll probably be arrested for loitering.

On the subject of print books, I had a lovely surprise in the post today: my Large Print books. They are absolutely gorgeous. It’s taken me a while. There have been some wonderful ‘ups’ and a few low ‘downs’ but I finally got there.


In other news, Learning to Love is now proof read and will be released in May! I don’t have an official release date or cover image yet, but you can take a peek of the video here.


I would LOVE your feedback (it’s one I’ve agonised over. I think it’s okay, but …)

That’s it. Oooh, apart from my latest thriller, Sins of the Fathers, is at submission stage. Thank you so much to those people who advised me on the title over on Jeera’s Jamboree. Sins of the Fathers was favourite, as you might have gathered.

A special thank you to lovely readers and Book Bloggers for your wonderful support. I could not do this without you!

Happy Easter

Keep safe!

Lots of love,