The Crime Writer’s Casebook ~ THE Crime Writer’s Must-have Reference Book! 

If you’re thinking of writing crime or crime thriller and wondering where to start, then The Crime Writer’s Casebook is an absolute must-have reference book. With case studies from real crimes, explanations of forensics and police procedure and an understandable A to Z index of legal terms, it’s every bit the straightforward guide it claims to be. Pick a subject you need information on, flick to the index, and you will find it. It’s all there. Anything you need, you have it at your fingertips. Browsing the index itself got my writing juices flowing. I’m actually not sure how I managed without it.

I have used one of the author’s services as a writing consultant in the past (Stuart Gibbon. You can find him at GIB Consultancy A former Met Police detective with 30 years’ experience in crime investigation, a DCI on murder cases and also an SIO on the East Midlands Special Operations Unit, he’s definitely a leading expert in his field.

I honestly cannot recommend this gem of a reference book enough. You can grab your copy now. Go!

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