A Cornish Affair

A Cornish Affair by Jo Lambert

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s no secret that I love this author’s writing. Her characters are compelling. I do have to admit to falling in love with her male characters. Yes, even those who are seemingly bad news. So, in The Cornish Affair, set in a family hotel with the evocative Cornish landscape as a backdrop, we have lustworthy Luke Carrack. With heartbreak and scandal in his background and turning local female heads, we just know he spells delicious trouble – cue the gossipmongers. Also, that his story is going to be a poignant one. His first encounter with Cat Trevelyan doesn’t go well. Let’s just say that Cat had one of those ‘please beam me up’ moments. As a result, Luke is less than impressed, rude and abrasive, in fact, which of course, rubs Cat up entirely the wrong way and causes the friction to fizz between them. Like I say, delicious. How could you not want to get your teeth into that?

A Cornish Affair, however, is about much more than the romance. Mystery and family secrets abound, and there are some fabulous twists, together with a thriller edge that really make this book stand out. Add that to Jo Lambert’s superb characterisation, and you have a story with real depth. Look out for Aunt Emelia – definitely a case of appearances deceive. As always with this author’s books, the resolution is perfect.

If you want cleverly written romance with intrigue and page-turning suspense, I would highly recommend A Cornish Affair.

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