One Good LieOne Good Lie by Jane Isaac
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In her author letter, Jane Isaac mentions that this is her first foray into psychological suspense after writing crime. I sincerely hope it’s not her last. I can honestly say that this is psychological fiction at its best. Cleverly written and packed full of chilling suspense, the storyline immediately intrigues. The characterisation is excellent, featuring two sisters trying to recover from the aftermath of their mother’s murder. Concerned with the fragility of her sister’s emotions and unable to trust anyone with her own, Ruby has buried her grief. Sophie, raw and vulnerable, perhaps trusts too easily. We look at people who have touched their lives, people who are involved in their lives, all the while looking for the person responsible for the tragedy that shattered their lives. We have people we abhor, those who would seek to control others who might be vulnerable and isolate them from those who would care for them. We have people we root for, hoping that they don’t turn out to be the monster that drives the story. The ending is quite masterfully done, finally revealing the who and the why. Yes, I did have a fleeting suspicion, but the cleverness of the writing is that my suspicion antennae twanged on more than one occasion. With lots of delicious twists and clashes of personality that could set the pages on fire, One Good Lie ticks all the boxes for me. A hugely satisfying read and one I would highly recommend.