I wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported me, helping me achieve something I never imagined possible in my wildest dreams. A writer simply wants to write. It’s a passion that drives you. You have to keep doing it no matter the setbacks and rejections. In fact, sometimes it’s those soul-destroying rejections that fire up your determination to keep going, to keep reading and learning and improving. Whether writing is your catharsis or an escape from life’s sometimes harsh realities, it’s basically a do or die doing it obsession. I have labelled myself a little bit mad sometimes – a single parent, working full time when I first started out and I throw writing novels into the mix? Well I figured I had to be. The thing is, you try to stop, but the characters refuse to go away. The support I’ve received from book bloggers and readers generally has been inspiring and humbling. So many times I’ve read a review and that alone has made me gird my loins and get back to my keyboard, even when I wasn’t doing so well. And now, thanks to all of you and my brilliant publisher, Bookouture, I am a full time author. I’m not sure I’ll ever be over-confident – there are so many brilliant authors out there you constantly compare yourself to, wishing you could write as well as they do, but I think half a million sales says I have been successful in achieving what I set out to. That’s down to you. THANK YOU!

And so, the journey continues. My latest psychological thriller is almost here. Due for publication on 21st September. THE LIAR’S CHILD is now on pre order. I have to share the cover. It’s a real gem!

It was simply fabulous. I devoured it.

Gulfam B, Reviewer

It’s both white knuckle and heartbreaking at the same time.

Carla K, Reviewer

With jealousy, revenge, sibling rivalry, anxiety, regret and blackmail to name but a few, there are many layers to the story.

Mark Fearn, Reviewer

If you would like to find out more about THE LIAR’S CHILD, please skip over to my Psychological Thrillers page here. Or please do check it out on Amazon.

That’s it! Massive thanks again to everyone for your amazing support. I’ve just typed THE END on my next book. Do I mind those upcoming edits? Not at all. I’m determined to make my books as perfect as they can be.

Please continue to keep safe all.

Much love,