The HouseshareThe Houseshare by Carla Kovach
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I have never house-shared but have lived in a tiny flat. I was a single parent back then, so it was just myself and my small son. Imagine my horror waking up one morning to find someone had broken in while we were sleeping, leaving a thin trail of blood behind them. Carla Kovach’s The Houseshare Share evoked all of the emotions I felt then. There was one way into that flat, one way out. I was living amongst people I knew, people I exchanged smiles and chatted with, every one of whom became a suspect. Libby, our main protagonist, has found the courage to leave her controlling relationship. Her room at Canal House is her haven, her new start, just as mine was. She’s amongst friends, her landlord is lovely: quiet, caring, possible future boyfriend material. The tenant below is noisy, but she can live with that and the sparse furnishings. If only her ex would stop stalking her. Or is he? Might her stalker be the disgruntled, drunken temp she’s failed to hire who’s been openly abusive?

There is a wonderful claustrophobic element running through the book, a feeling of not being safe behind closed doors. Of being watched. I felt Libby’s goosebumps when she realised someone had been in her room. And when she peeled back the wallpaper… I’m saying no more here. If you love a gorgeously twisty psychological thriller, I would highly recommend The Houseshare. The red herring in regard to the elusive Mr Bull is fabulous. Love it!

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