In case you missed it, my new book is here!

We All Keep Secrets is my fourteenth book with Bookouture and I LOVE being with this fabulously innovative publisher. My previous book, My Husband’s House, has grown gorgeous wings, amassing over 5 million pages read on KU. That’s a lot of pages!

As my readers would know, I write psychological thriller, looking at people, what makes them tick and the mind games people play, some with devastating consequences. I don’t think any author would write about these things lightly and would always research thoroughly – or call upon their own experiences in life – in order to write accurately and from the heart.

I wanted to reveal a little from the heart today and talk about the secrets some of those struggling with mental illness might keep, possibly out of embarrassment, in particular those people with clinical depression, the fact that they might perceive themselves to be ‘broken’ in some way. They struggle to ‘fit in’. Often, they don’t understand themselves, so how can they hope anyone else will understand them? I just wanted to say, it really is okay not to be okay, because none of us are ever really that. The dichotomy is that behind all that uncertainty and lack of self-esteem, pretending and striving to be better, in my opinion, people who struggle with depression don’t realise how special they are in a way that many people are not. They feel. Deeply. In so doing, they feel for other people. In my experience, people who suffer in this way have the biggest hearts and are always the first to be there when someone needs them to be. This is dedicated to Drew. Thank you for being you.  

Oh, and thank you for helping me out of some horrendous plot holes when I’ve been banging my head against the wall.

To all my readers, a huge thank you from my heart. We all struggle with those ‘little’ crises life throws at us, and even without those, time is precious. The fact that you take time out to read my books and share your views is more appreciated than I can put into words. I know, I’m supposed to be a writer.

I hope today is a good one for everyone.

Take care all!