I loved this book! When you can’t wait to get back into a book and you’re immediately immersed in the characters’ stories, you know you have a deeply satisfying read. When Leah suspects her husband is cheating on her, you might wonder why she doesn’t just leave him, but the author does a brilliant job at revealing Leah’s insecurities. Cain was all she’d known from the age of eighteen. He was eight years older, wiser, her whole life. In Cain, she thought she’d found the love she’d been starved of. Leah doesn’t make the decision immediately we scream at her to. Bear in mind her past, though, and you can see why she might hesitate. As the story unravels, she finds it difficult to trust anyone, let alone her own judgement.

The twists come thick and fast and there were many times I just did not see things coming. All were a big WOW moment. I’ve said in the past that Carla Kovach’s characterisation is brilliant. You’re simply there, right inside their heads. The story is told in two parts, first from Leah’s point of view and then from a teenager’s (I won’t say more for fear of giving spoilers), and is totally absorbing, slowly bringing the jigsaw together. Watch out for that ending. If you like a killer twist, On a Quiet Street delivers. I truly loved it and would highly recommend it!