A Bonsai Tree Called Geoff: Police Stories I Probably Shouldn't ShareA Bonsai Tree Called Geoff: Police Stories I Probably Shouldn’t Share by John Donoghue
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You know when life is doing that thing it does: throwing so many things at you you feel you’re going to self-combust? Don’t. Read John Donoghue instead. I once said I think this author’s books should be prescribed on the NHS. I didn’t lie. John’s writing is hilarious, absolute pure therapy. I ran away from home (I did go back, honest!). I just needed a little me time. Sooo I sat on my holiday balcony with John’s latest, A Bonsai Tree Called Geoff, and it soon brought tears to my eyes. The good sort. I posted on X asking whether tittering loudly while sitting alone is a good look? I think the general consensus was yes (although my little doggos were a bit worried!). These bits (no spoilers I hope): “Description please,” in naked man chase – and the polishing of the Superintendent’s bald head, along with the slogan, ‘When Seconds Count, We’re Minutes Away’, had me hooting! The old lady coming into the station reception brought a huge lump to my throat. I’m not going to say a word about the Superintendent’s niece. In short, if you need to stop and breathe and laugh out loud, read this. I absolutely highly recommend it, along with John Donoghue’s previous books. Grab a little you time!









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