I’ll say up front that I have to choose my reads carefully. I have limited reading time and I need to be absorbed. The Wreckage of Us (recommended by a reviewer) gripped me from the prologue to the epilogue totally. So much so, I couldn’t bear to pause to make notes – something I do when I see a beautiful or particularly powerful piece of writing. The whole book was powerful. The characters totally relatable. When an author allows you right inside the characters’ heads for me that’s genius. The plot! I refuse to give anything away but the twists keep coming and every character, good or bad, is absolutely believable. There was one character I was sure was another (if that makes sense). I was wrong.  As for DI Ronson and DS Maxwell, what a fabulous team. I hesitate to mention a Columbo type DI, but there are elements of that, a quiet determination, a little bit jaded with a subtly introduced backstory, and oh, so cleverly written – a modern day Columbo, if you like, and with a strong female number two who’s got his back. I love this team. I loved the climax. I did not see it. Maybe I did, but didn’t want to. Now that’s a skill that only the best writers have. Can I have these two working together in a future police procedural please? Loved this book and highly recommend it to crime thriller and all thriller readers. There are some great psychological elements.

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