Some secrets are more dangerous than others.


A truly gripping page-turner that will keep you reading well into the night…

Cassie once did something so bad she’s never spoken about it since.

When her beloved son, Josh, dies suddenly in a tragic accident, Cassie is overcome with grief. And, as she cries on her husband’s shoulder, her phone lights up with a message that terrifies her.

 ‘I know what you did and I’m going to make you pay.’

Somebody from Cassie’s past has found her and they want revenge for something Cassie did when Josh was just a baby. They want everyone to know just what kind of a woman Cassie really is.

As Cassie tries to hide the message from her husband, there is a knock on the door of their perfect home. Cassie’s biggest secret is about to be revealed. And you won’t believe what she does next…


The New Girlfriend is prefect for fans of The Girl on the Train, My Lovely Wife and Gone Girl.