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I’ll do anything to protect my daughter…


I’ve always been protective of my only child, Poppy. For years I wondered if I’d ever become a mother and then she arrived – my miracle baby. But as I pick her up from school one day, my heart misses a beat as I see the little girl holding my daughter’s hand. With the same deep set eyes and long brown hair, both girls look like they could be sisters…

Is the secret I’ve been holding on to for so long about to be revealed? And will my husband ever forgive me when he finds out what I did?

That night, I cuddle Poppy even harder, desperately trying to decide what to do. And when a familiar face I had hoped never to see again walks back into my life days later, I know that my worst nightmare is about to come true.

Could I be about to lose everything I have sacrificed so much for?

The only thing I’m sure of is that nobody is going to take my perfect child away from me. Poppy will always be safe with me. Won’t she?

If you can’t get enough of addictive psychological thrillers like Gone GirlThe Wife Between Us and The Marriage, you’ll love The Liar’s Child. With nail-biting suspense and an ending that will make your heart pound, this is one book you simply won’t be able to put down.

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