Racing HeartRacing Heart by June Moonbridge
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My first question when reading Racing Heart was why would an independent, intelligent, clearly attractive and obviously strong woman with a rare talent of being able to produce beautiful and original perfumes, be willing to dumb down her appearance in order to work in a perfumery boutique? As I read on, intrigued, my next question was, what happened to her son, who is clearly no longer part of her life? At first I thought he’d perhaps been put up for adoption and I wanted to see how the author handled this sensitive subject. It soon became apparent that the heartbreak Desiree Hart is at pains to also disguise is heartbreak of the cruellest kind. Desiree’s carefully constructed persona is a front enabling her to continue to search for her son, who was kidnapped and is still missing. With a passion for Formula One racing, watching the cars zoom past, particularly in the free practice, is a luxury she allows herself, but only from a distance. Desiree can’t be distracted, most definitely not by F1’s Golden Boy, good-looking girl magnet, Lorcan Shore. Undeniably attracted, however, Desiree is determined the barriers around her heart will stay in place. Lorcan is equally determined to break them down.

Can he really fulfil her desire heart’s desire though? Can he help Desiree to find the most important thing missing in her life, where even the police have failed?

Set against a backdrop of the millionaires’ playground of Monte Carlo, this is a compelling story reminding us that our past, and the people we hold dearest, is what shapes us. It’s a story about trust. Trusting our own instincts, but also letting go the fear and allowing ourselves to trust someone to be careful with our hearts.

Compelling, intriguing and clearly well-researched, Racing Heart is a book I would recommend. I loved it.

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